Written by Shankari Johnston on Sept 25th 2018
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You might have experienced great joy and exhilaration sometime in your life while doing something really fun and challenging. 

However do you have that experience on a daily regular basis? Do you find it thrilling to wake up in the morning where you can't wait to get started?

I know! not a lot of Coaches and Teachers feel that thrill. There is only one answer as to why this is so. To put it simply, you are not really giving of your best to the world. You are not fully present. 

The way to be in that state is to offer the best you can and to reach out to people. The more you share the more you grow. The more you share the more your light shines on others and then it just keeps growing from there. There needs to be a moments for you to feel that energy and to build up on it.

Shankari Johnston

Shankari Johnston is a Consultant who helps people shine their light by living with an abundant mindset. She provides help to get you to where you really need to be.
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