Shankari Johnston is a trained Pychologist & Counsellor who is now working as an Intuitive Coach dedicated to coaching clients 1 on 1 and in groups. She helps people identify and release deep rooted blocks of fear,  anxiety, grief or trauma which is the root cause of illness. These blocks hold people back from living the life they are capable of. Clearing blocks then allow people to raise their vibes to start attracting a life with more LOVE, JOY & FULFILLMENT.

Once the major blocks are cleared, clients are taught the secret techniques on how to MANIFEST their dream life!

Shankari's clients are amazed that change is in fact not so difficult. Change can start happening from day one and does not have to take long. Clearing dense energy from their physiology helps people build & improve relationships, create better health, and live a life of joy & abundance. 

Shankari's helps clients in the following ways:

-transformation to a healthier body
-dealing with emotions
-overcoming stress & anxiety
-creating an abundance mindset
-helping you choose a career that nourishes your soul
-living a love filled life

First the blocks are identified and cleared. Then clients are offered tools and techniques to raise their vibes to uplift their spirits. This is the starting place where more tools are offered to help with creating and manifesting.

Shankari is a trained Psychologist, Intuitive Coach, Meditation Teacher and an experienced Yoga Instructor who has done it all from working in a bank to serving as Director of a spiritual centre in Delhi for many years.
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